Jazz Butcher / Sound Of Leamington Spa
Peter Hahndorf  (1-Mar-1999) Email the author   Show thread
I'm still recovering from a long pop-weekend. it started Friday night with the Pat Fish / Max Eider reunion show in Hamburg. The 200 people filled the club to three quarters. Max and Pat started as a two-piece with Partytime, and indeed the night was a party full of old Jazz Butcher classics. After eight songs they were joined by two more guys, and continued as a full band. They played at least 25 songs. I am not a die hard Jazz Butcher fan but it was a good show. They played B-sides like "Rain" and also Max Eider solo songs. I also had the pleasure to meet Andreas Hering who should write a proper review of the show for this list. The remainder of the weekend we had a "Soung of Leamington Spa" meeting here at the TweeNet headquarters. Uwe of Firestation Towers records and Sven of Billberry records joint me for the discussion about this 80ies pop compilation series. We finalized the list of bands we would like to include, if anybody out there knows any contact addresses, please let me know. Ambitious Beggars The Anyways The Apple Moths April Showers Asia Fields The Aurbisons Baby Lemonade The Bardots The Becketts The Benjamins Berntholer The Big Gun Big Red Bus Blab Happy Blind Mice Bloody Marys Blue Summer Blue Train Bounce The Mouse The Bridewell Taxis The Bridge Bubblegum Splash The Candidates The Caretaker Race Catapult The Chairs Chinese Gansters Element Chrisalids The Church Grims Circus Circus Circus The Claim Clamheads The County Fathers Dancing Bears The Danny Boys The Dentists The Desert Wolves Doris Days Dubious Brothers Elephant Noise Ember Days The Enormous Room Episode Four Exit 13 Eye Pilgrims Fallover 24 Fat And Frantic Five Year Plan The Friendly Fires Friends Friends Of The Family Girl Of My Best Friend Go Service Great Scott Greenhouse The Grooveyard Hardy Boys The Hepburns Hey Paulette Hobbies Of Today Honest Johns Honeytrap Hot Rain How Many Beans Make Five The Incredible Blondes The Irregulars James Dean Driving Experience Jane From Occupied Europe Jane Pow The Jeremiahs Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes Jim Jiminee Jim's Twenty One Keen The Kill Devil Hills The Larks Last Party Laugh! Legendary Hearts The Man From Delmonte The Man Upstairs The Mayfields Me And Dean Martin Memphis Men Of Westenesse Metro Trinity Mighty Mighty The Morrisons The Mosspoles New Morning Newsflash New You Nine Steps To Ugly The Nivens (Woosh) Nomad Pop North Of Cornwallis The Odgens The Originals Panda Pops The Passengers The Passmore Sisters The Penny Candles Playing At Trains Pleasure Ground Pop Parker The Poppyheads The Potting Sheds The Raw Herbs The Real McCoys Regulators The Relations Remember Fun Reserve A Riot Of Colour Roberta Junk Rorschach Rumblefish Said Liquidator The Sainsburys Sandle Woods Sara Goes Shopping Septembers The Servants The Siddeleys Sister Rain Snowbirds Somewhere Over England Steel Chain The Submarines The Sullivans Summerhill This Poison Too Much Texas The Train Set Treebound Story Twelve Angry Men Tynall Twyll The Visitors Wake Up Africa The Waltones Waving At Trains Wee Cherubs Where Gardens Fall Whirl The Wildhouse The Williams The Windmills The Wishing Stones Yeah Jazz Pete -- Peter Hahndorf @ TweeNet Communications (pete@--hidden--) http://www.twee.net - the indie-pop reference site