Lloyd Cole-Felt
Ben Clancy  (2-Dec-1998) Email the author   Show thread
Can't see the Cole/Felt interface. Cole went for a classic 60s commercial pop/rock sound which, contemporaneously, Felt were distanced from. Felt's first 5 lps went from a messy punk folk to goth with Deebank's classical influence shining through. They made one classic during this time, Strange Idols Patterns, but the rest of their output wasn't brilliant and the twin-influences of Horses and Marquee Moon were muddied. Later, of course, Lawrence came close to perfection with the Smith/Television inspiration, but his main influence was Dylan. I think Dylan is one of the most over-rated artists of all time and I don't care for him at all; Felt, however, took Dylan and re-vitalised him with some American 70s art house punk vitriol. The Dylan influence is so overt that Lawrence (when in Denim) sang that he was against "early Dylan" - he couldn't have been against mid-period Dylan, cos that would've lain waste to most of Felt's back catalogue. Cole and Lawrence - two completely different entities. And Lawrence would never write "read Norman Mailer/get a new tailor".