Mail Order services

12 Gwydir Street, Cambridge CB1 2LL England
Tel: 44-223/60981 Fax: 44-223/322557

Mind The Gap c/o Joerg
Pappelweg 27, 22949 Ammersbek, Germany
November catalogue

Mousetrap c/o Brian
P.O. Box 3161, Iowa City 52244, Iowa USA

Pop Narcotic c/o Bill
1085 Commonwealth Ave. #339, Boston, MA 02215, USA
Tel: 1-617/762 9073 Fax: 1-617/762-7108

Parasol c/o Nick
202 South First Street, Champaign, IL 61820 USA
Tel:1-217/355 2555 Fax: 1-217/384 7933

Vinyl Ink
955 Bonifant Street, Silver Spring, MD 20910 USA
Tel: 1-301/588 4695 Fax: 1-301/495 3105

Anorak c/o Stephane
BP 10, 33026 Bordeaux Cedex France

Little Teddy c/o Andy
Schifferlstrasse 1, 80687 Muenchen, Germany
Tel & Fax: 49-089/581754

Sugarfrost c/o Akiko
149 Wellbrow Road, Walton / Liverpool L4 6TY, England
Tel: 44-051/525 9158

Season Records c/o Dave
20 Ralton Ave, Glen Waverly 3150, Victoria, Australia
Tel: 61-3/5606295

Mod Lang
P.O.Box 10111, Berkeley, CA 94707-0111 USA
Tel: 1-510/486 1880 Fax: 1-510/486 1860

Slumberland c/o Mike
Box 14731, Berkeley 94701, USA
Tel+Fax: 1-513/6546124

Vinyl Ink and Mind The Gap will get eMail soon. Someone should write a short
describtion for each mail-order.

Record shops

At the moment I listed London shops only, but watch out for a list of stores everywhere in the indie-pop-world.


Most tourists will go to the megastores first: Virgin Megastore (corner of Oxford St and Tottenham Court Road), HMV (Oxford St. northside east of Oxford circus and another one Oxford St. southside, west of Oxford circus) and Tower Records (at Piccadilly Circus). You may take a look at these shops but don't expect to find anything special. Try the SALE sections otherwise they are too expensive and don't have what you're looking for. You also find lots of tourist at Rough Trade's Original shop (at 130 Talbot Road off Portobello Road) and at a second store (at 16 Neals Yard near Convent Garden) Sometimes bands are playing here in the afternoon, check out the bulletin board in the shop. Then there is Vinyl Experience (18 Hanway St. behind the Virgin Megastore in Oxford Street). The second Vinyl Experience in (3 Buck St off Camden High Street.) closed down. Go downstairs at Rhythm, (281 Camden High St). Sister Ray, Reckless Records (2nd Hand only) and Select-A-Disc are all in Berwick St in Soho off Oxford Road. Vinyl Solution in 231 Portobello Road, go to this one before you go to Rough Trade because it is about 10% cheaper and the have vinyl only (cool). But before buying any new stuff go to the Record, Tape and Video Exchanges, 2nd hand only shops. where you can find everything if you're lucky.(36 and 38 Notting Hill Gate and 28 and 30 Pembrigde Rd. all close together in Notting Hill and another good one on 229 Camden High Street). If you still haven't found what you were looking for and still can stand record-shops, check out: Out On The Floor (Inverness Rd. /Camden), Cheapo Records (Rupert St. / Soho), Kensington Market (49-53 Kensington High Street), Camden Market (Camden High Street), and another Reckless Records (79 Upper St. / Islington)